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Yify is without a doubt the biggest online movie piracy group that has been dominant in the torrenting industry over the years. The Yify group published high quality movie releases on different torrent sites and became a public sensation. It was not long until Yify realized their outreach and renamed itself as YTS and started its own torrent site.

Crossing the threshold of millions of page views in a single day, YTS became the leader in the torrent industry. Such a breakthrough and piracy at such a higher level drew the eye line of authorities and they hunted down the group owners. An anti-piracy lawsuit was filed against them in New Zealand.

Both parties later took the case out of the court after mutual consent and YTS bought some time for itself, which ended soon. The New Zealand court reopened the case 8 years ago and the authorities via magazines publically announced the leader of this piracy group. The whole idea was brought to life by an app developer Yify, a 23-year-old male who was later forced to retire form this piracy charade and a settlement deal was signed between both parties. The other members of the group remain unknown until date but as it was reported, they are out of this game.

Though the original Yify team was taken out of the play, the current site handlers are still unknown and the content remains readily available with the same great video quality.

Yify is one of the best torrenting sites to choose because the content transmission on this site is encoded though a different encoding mechanism. Yify uses x264 encoding format that is the main reason that the content it has on its server is of high quality.

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